Meet Maureen 1/8/18

Everyone meet Maureen
Maureen is our part time machine operator and is currently on parental leave.
Mother of two handsome sons and a beautiful new-born daughter.
She loves spending time with her family and loves old school RnB.
On her weekends she enjoys taking her kids to the park and cooks a mean meal.
Fun fact about Maureen is she sits at the head of our smoko table.

Meet Kat 31/7/18

Next up is Kat our machine room and printing supervisor…
Kat is our go to lady when it comes to tricky jobs, she is an awesome problem solver and is a wiz on the sewing machine
Kat enjoys eating two-min noodles and playing crosswords with friends.
Kat is a doting mother to two children and is a keen rugby coach for her daughter.
In her spare time Kat enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
Fun fact about Kat “I am part Danish”

Meet Emily 30/7/18

This is Emily our in-house digitizer.
Emily is a creative and cheeky character who will give anything a go, having worked at HB Embroidery for over 7 years. Emily is an expert in her field.
Emily drives one of the two company cars, so make sure you give her a toot is you see her out and about.
Just this year Emily completed her level 2 in Te Reo Maori and is enrolled to do her level 3 this semester.
Emily enjoys painting, rap music and spending time with her cat named Einstein.
Fun fact about Emily: “I collect and restore Raleigh 20 bikes”


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87 Austin Street


Indoor Netball 27/7/18

Hawkes Bay Embroidery had our first game of indoor netball last night.

We wont talk about the score but we were just happy to be out there doing it. 🙂

#irenevandyk #notfast #justfruious

Meet Betty 26/7/18

Everyone meet Betty Newport

Betty is our longest standing employee at Hawkes Bay Embroidery, having worked here for 15+ years. Betty is our permeant resident on our 6head embroidery machine. Handling all our high quantity jobs.

Betty enjoys eating rice crackers with peanut butter and does not take milk with her coffee.

Just this year Betty celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband Howard (pictured). By doing so she got her first tattoo on her ankle.

On weekends Betty loves to go for long drives and play cards against humanity.

Fun fact about Betty: “I once won a car in a raffle.”

Fun fact about Ewan: “Before I bought Hawkes Bay Embroidery I was a farmer.”

Meet Ewan 25/7/18

First up is none other than director and owner Ewan Wallace.

Ewan’s role varies at HB Embroidery from fixing machines, answering phones, and collecting the morning smoko from Wisey’s Bakery & Catering Ltd

Outside of work Ewan enjoys being a grandfather, going fishing and anything that involves his motorbike.

Ewan is a generous member of the HB community and loves to get behind any other local business.

He is also a strong supporter of the Hawkes Bay Magpies

Fun fact about Ewan: “Before I bought Hawkes Bay Embroidery I was a farmer.”

Meet the team 24/7/18

Coming this week… MEET THE TEAM

Finally get to see the faces behind all our work and see what our staff get up to in their spare time.

Tina’s Trip 23/7/18

Recently Tina from Sales and Marketing went over to Croatia enjoy some of the pictures from her trip below…

One of a kind Gifts 20/7/18


Cute little gift we did for a French and Australian couple who are off to travel the world.

Make sure you come to us for all your one of a kind gifts

Pink Breakfast 18/5/18

How cute is this sponsorship item we did for an up and coming pink breakfast 🙂

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