First impressions count. Hawkes Bay Embroidery offers a wide-selection of high-quality custom apparel solutions to ensure you can find exactly what you need for any marketing strategy, event, or organization. If you are looking for a classy, upscale look, custom apparel embroidery is just what you want to enhance your image and brand. The most popular of all the apparel embellishment techniques, embroidery gives a professional, distinctive and sophisticated look to your logo. Not only that, embroidery is the most durable option available and won’t wear off.

Provide your own company logo or rough drawing design and you can be assured that you’ll receive personal attention from our team and a sample stitch-out for your approval before proceeding with the job.

Embroidered items range from business shirts to Polos, hats to T-shirts, jackets to vests, and even bags, rugs, horse blankets and towels, almost any fabric in fact.

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